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I write to disrupt your thinking. In these blog posts I try and challenge, stretch and inspire new ideas & conversations.

How small wins, tiny changes can have a big impact

Small wins, tiny changes - big impact I have just finished reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. The 2018 book sub-title says it all - an easy and proven way to build good habits and break bad ones. In this case the author refreshingly delivers on his promise. I did...

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Customise your leadership

The new leadership imperative - customisation It used to be the case that successful leaders could customise their approach depending on the situation. But astute leaders need to now go the extra step. Leadership today is all about customisation. In particular,...

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Enhancing the customer experience – one S curve at a time

Do we need some new thinking around the customer experience? Should we be thinking about enhancing the customer experience as a series of 'S' Curves? S Curves (short for Sigmoid Curves) were popularised by management writer Charles Handy. He writes, “the sigmoid curve...

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The Idea Generator

Tools to generate big, new ideas Just over 10 years ago I wrote a book called The Idea Generator (Allen & Unwin). The book contains various tools to help individuals, groups and teams to create new ideas. I have tested all of these idea generation tools with leaders...

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Do you have a customer expectation gap?

Is your customer expectation gap getting bigger? My daughter showed me a new app she has been using called Shazam. It is quite amazing as the app can recognise any song that is being played on the radio for example. I loved it. I started thinking of other applications...

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Who do you bounce ideas off?

Who do you bounce ideas off and How do you ask people for help? These are great questions particularly when most work today is done in groups and teams. To answer these questions remember the word 'DATE'. D - Diversity Ask people who have a different perspective, set...

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Net Promoters Score – yes but …

Net Promoters Score - yes and ... The net promoters scores has become the most popular customer metric used by leaders in medium to large organisations. it was developed by Frederick F Reicheld from Bain & Company and made famous in a 2003 HBR article. There are many...

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“Imagination @Speed is more important than knowledge (with due deference to Mr Einstein).”


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