Switch Thinking is a new concept that I have developed based on an insight.

Whilst watching bilingual people i noticed how easily and quickly they could switch from one language to another.

Not only did they switch languages but they seem to switch cultural understanding, mannerisms, even tone and volume of voice.

This is a learned skill.

I wondered if you could also learn to switch your thinking?

If so, how might you do this?

Through trial and error, numerous workshops and some imagination I developed a new thinking system which I call Switch Thinking.

Switch Thinking is a way to help you and your team to switch from your usual (or default) way of thinking to a different way.

It consists of 6 Switches:
– Switch the Problem
– Switch Perspective
– Switch the Outcome
– Switch the Focus
– Switch the Questions and
– Switch the Rules

Each one of these switches are equally valuable and you can use these in any order.

The good news is that these switches work instantly. For example, you can look at a situation from a customer point of view (i.e. switch perspective) then switch to a competitor perspective and a startup one.

Each of these perspectives will empower you to see a situation or problem in a slightly different way hence unlocking your mind to new possibilities.

There are also a series of prompts which can help you kick start your switch thinking journey.

As well as a canvas which can help you switch, create and connect your new ideas and solutions.

For more information on Switch Thinking contact me or visit Switch Thinking.

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