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My insight

In my discussions with leaders around Australia and Asia we would often talk about innovation. They know it’s  important. Yet many leaders were resisting making a change or giving it lip service. I discovered that what was holding them back was in many cases the fear of failure or making mistakes or taking risks. It was the emotion surrounding innovation that was the problem. My way of helping leaders overcome this barrier was to start with small everyday problems or opportunities. I called this new approach – Small Wins Innovation.

It’s about starting small then building up

The essence of Small Wins Innovation is to start small. It does not matter where – just start e.g. how do we improve our customer experience by 1% in the next 30 days? The goal is for groups & teams to solve everyday problems or generate new opprtunities using the Small Wins approach.

The Benefits

– Generate growth and/or save costs – quickly! – Solve everyday problems & create new opportunities – The 5 step Small Wins Innovation process can be used by any group or team. – It complements Design Thinking & Lean Startup approaches – Every group & team can now learn & contribute to the innovation journey – Using The Small Wins Innovation approach will accelerate progress and help build a more innovative culture

“Small changes, over time can have a big impact!


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