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Creative Thinking consultant, Conference Speaker, facilitator, trainer, Mentor, writer and inventor

I know it does not fit into a neat box but what ties everything together is a passion to help leaders and their teams create, change & grow @speed.

I do this by designing engaging, energising & interactive workshop experiences & tools that groups and teams can use everyday.

The after- lunch Conference Speaker

What is the most difficult time in any conference, strategy session or leadership away-day?

It’s after lunch when the audience or delegates are coming back from a sleepy lunch.

Therough tools like Speed Thinking (i.e. Ideas Blitz) I can get everyone up and interacting, meeting new people, solving a problem and learning a new life skill. My tool kit is simple, practical and fun to use.

Your goals delivered

I love to collaborate and co-create with leaders & conference organisers on their goals.

I design back from your objectives, budget, audience & timing.

My clients often describe my workshops, talks and presentations as inspiring, memorable & mind stretching.

I have worked all over Australia and Asia so I can also customize my work to meet any cultural differences.


Looking for a motivating, interactive and energising Keynote Speaker?



Want help in solving a problem in a faster, better way?

Trainer & Coach

Trainer & Mentor

Want to enhance and accelerate your thinking skills?

“The most important word in Speed Thinking is to start.

Just start, it does not matter where, just start!

I can help you get started on making your team more productive and creative.”


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