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Books to help you think better, faster

I have written 3 internationally published books (Allen & Unwin) that have been published in 9 countries. These are:
The Idea Generator

The Idea Generator (Allen & Unwin, 2007)

A short book of tools to help you and your team to create new ideas. This is a handy, practical book containing 60 ideation tools to help you:

  • Generate big, new ideas;
  • Create new growth opportunities;
  • Improve you performance and your team;
  • Sell with more impact and
  • Deliver breakthrough leadership results.

Download sample pages.

The Idea Accelerator

The Idea Accelerator (Allen & Unwin, 2008)

This is a companion book to The Idea Generator and is written in a similar accessible style.

The emphasis is on simple, effective creativity tools that you and a group or team can use quickly to solve problems or generate ideas in more creative ways.

Speed Thinking

Speed Thinking (Allen & Unwin, 2010)

This book introduces readers to the theory and application of Speed Thinking. It outlines an amazing new approach that anyone can use to generate new ideas and solutions – in minutes!

The Speed Thinking book covers the:

  • Insight behind speed thinking
  • Magical 9: 2 starting formula
  • Speed Thinking 4-step approach and
  • How to use Speed Thinking to brainstorm ideas, solve problems and fast-track your success.
  • Ideas Blitz is the tool of Speed Thinking
  • Soon to be published in China
“Sixty practical tools come to the rescue of those starved of inspiration”

Boss Magazine

“If you get stuck for good ideas — then Ken Hudson’s new book The Idea Generator is for you”.

NZ Business

“I have used Speed Thinking with my clients again and again. They love the idea that you can apply this to a consumer trend and quickly develop breakthrough brand and business-building concepts and opportunities”.
Dr Paul Leinberger

Co-author, The New Individualists

“Speed Thinking is a great concept and Ken Hudson has made it accessible to everyone with simple, practical tools that give us what we all need — the ability to do things faster without losing quality — essential reading”.
Graham Winter

Three-time Chief Psychologist for The Australian Olympic Team and author of High Performance Leadership and Think One Team

“Collaboration is the key to more creativity. Yes and, our creativity has to be more productive. Yes and, to be more productive requires greater creativity!”


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