Switch Thinking

An easy, simple way to think in a different way

We like to think in one way.

It’s quick, efficient and has worked in the past.

But when the situation changes you need to change your thinking.

I call this Switch Thinking.

It helps you and your team to switch from your usual (or default) thinking to a different way.

Switch Thinking is fast, fun, energising and can open your mind to new ideas, solutions and growth opportunities.

You can use Switch Thinking anywhere, anytime, on any challenge.

Switch Thinking Interview at Deloitte 

How Switch Thinking can transform your small business

by Flying Solo: Robert Garish speaks with Dr Ken Hudson

You can wait for an aha moment in the shower or you can use Switch Thinking to create new ideas, solutions and growth opportunities – on demand.

When you Switch your Thinking you can delight your customers, solve problems in new ways and generate new grow opportunities.

Using Switch Thinking is a skill that you can develop and apply at your work, home and in your studies with immediate effect.

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“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” Einstein

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