Switch Thinking

a Meta – Skill for every Leader, Group & tEam.

In a volatile, uncertain, non-linear world the idea that there is one best way to think (i.e. Critical Thinking) is too limiting. 

This limits performance and creates a thinking gap.

To overcome this gap, leaders need to learn a new meta – skill: Switch Thinking.

It empowers leaders and their teams to change their way of thinking depending on the situation, time, budget and resources.

Imagine being able to switch between say Critical Thinking to Imagination then switch to Systems Thinking – on demand!

Switch Thinking Interview at Deloitte 

How Switch Thinking can transform your small business

by Flying Solo: Robert Garish speaks with Dr Ken Hudson

Switch Thinking can supercharge performance today and will equip every leader and their team with the skills they need to be successful in the non -routine workplace of tomorrow.

It’s is a more agile, creative, energising and productive approach to solving any type of problem or generating new ideas.

Switch Thinking is a meta – skill that can be learned 1 to 1 or as a compelling keynote speech, workshop or as part of a leadership development course. Contact me to find out more


“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” Einstein

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