We all have an enormous potential to be creative.

Yet most of us are not fulfilling this potential.


If you work in a team and organisation that can stop you from being as creative and innovative as you would like.

These might include for example, a lack of time, workload or pressure to deliver short term results.

It’s why in my Switch Thinking Workshops when I ask people when they are at their most creative they answer – on holidays!

But are there other reasons?

My proposition is that the reason we are not creative in the first place is ourselves.

Does this sound like you?

‘I am not creative.

What if I look silly.

My boss may not like my ideas.

What if i am wrong?

It’s hard to get started.

Where do i start?’

No wonder that we struggle with being more creative and innovative.

And instructions from our leaders like go and brainstorm some new ideas sounds good but is often not helpful.

Fortunately there is a way forward.


By using some of the new generative AI applications such as ChatGPT.

With ChatGPT you can be more creative.

Here’s why?

  • Chat never sleeps. it is available 24:7
  • It can process vast amounts of information in an instant
  • Chat does not judge your ideas
  • It helps you get started – all you need is to enter a prompt
  • Chat is a safe space where you can interact freely
  • It’s also a tool which can help you refine and evaluate your ideas

And with my Switch Thinking Tool kit you and your team can be even more creative!

Your negative ‘I am not creative shadow’ can be banned forever.

For example;

Enter your  challenge in the prompt.

Let ChatGPT do its thing.

Then try Switching the Perspective for example (one of the 6 Switches).

Can you develop 5 new ideas from the perspective of an Artist?

Bingo you will have another set of ideas.

Then ask ChatGPT to connect your initial and follow up ideas.

Suddenly you are building amazing ideas and solutions – in minutes!

This is just one example of how you can be more creative with ChatGPT.

Play around with it and see what emerges.

Suddenly creativity is fun and exciting!

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