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I write to disrupt your thinking. In these blog posts I try and challenge, stretch and inspire new ideas & conversations.

Creative Thinking Example Number 7

Ever been bombarded with choice? Of course you have. I walk into a bottle shop and have no clue as to what to buy much less even where to start. I walk into a clothes shop and have a similar experience. I need help. This is why a sign like the one above is so...

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Can organisations have wicked problems?

Can a medium to large organisations or businesses have wicked problems? In a thought-provoking article in 1973, HWJ Rittel and MM Webber coined the phrase 'wicked problems' to describe a particular type of social, government or policy planning challenge. They used the...

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Creative Thinking Example Number 6

I found this creative thinking example at my local fish restaurant. It's a simple sign on one of the walls which outlines the values and philosophy behind the restaurant. It reeks of pride in the food, the raw materials and the presentation. The sign also sets a...

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Creative Thinking Example Number Five

I stay in a lot of hotels and I am noticing more and more the above sign in the bathrooms. The idea is that if you do not need to have your towel replaced then hang it back up. If you want an new one then you leave it on the floor. It's a lovely, simple and practical...

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One more time – What is Creative Thinking?

A view from the trenches on what is Creative Thinking? An ability we all have to create and test ideas We are all born with the ability to create, dream, play and imagine. Just think of when you were a child and in your bath were pirates and monsters or even a shark....

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Creative Thinking Example Number 4

I found this creative thinking example in a supermarket whilst I was shopping. Such a lovely idea. The sign provides simple, visual and useful information to make your shopping easier. And with more and more emphasis on self-service these types of ideas that provide...

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Here are new metrics for your next keynote speaker

New metrics for your next keynote or conference speaker I attend a lot of conferences either as a keynote or conference speaker and/or as a delegate and like any activities there is a variability in the performance of the speakers. But perhaps the satisfaction with...

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Creative Thinking Example Number 3

Create some drama or theatre Notice in this example the small hourglass or sandglass in the foreground. It came with the cup of tea I ordered at a local cafe. The idea according to the person serving me was to wait until the sand had completely moved from the top to...

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Opportunities for success open to creative thinkers*

Opportunities for success open to creative thinkers* 'The ability to think creatively, to generate and test new ideas, solutions or actions will be the most important skill in the workforce of the future. We are at a point in history whereby what has worked in the...

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“Imagination @Speed is more important than knowledge (with due deference to Mr Einstein).”


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