The fastest, easiest and simplest way to create a new idea is to switch your perspective.

Imagine you are looking at a situation through your reading glasses.


Now put on your sun glasses and look at the same situation.

It suddenly looks different.

Switching your perspective enables you to escape your current ideas and generate new ones.

The other big advantage is the impact is immediate.

A friend of mine and i were playing golf and whilst we were waiting for our next shot he complained that he did not have a creative bone in his body.

I asked him to switch his perspective.

How might a clown look at golf for example?

That’s easy he replied.

Big juggling balls, music, coloured clothing, greens that were different colours…

He had an aha moment.

He was being creative

With a simple switch of perspective.

It often does not matter which perspective you use.

Simply switching your perspective means that you escape your current view and can look at a situation with new eyes.

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