Is it time for a more positive approach to change?

As an innovation consultant I like the idea of disruption.

It’s the idea that nothing is permanent.

Things can change.

And that certain brands, businesses and people cannot dominate forever unless they remain relevant and provide value.

Disruption as a word therefore has many plusses:

– Dramatic

– Grabs your attention

– Conveys the idea of major rather than incremental changes

– And in a world of inertia, the very thought of disruption or responding to it demands action


The word disruption also has many negatives:

– It feels negative. Everything both good and bad seems to be broken up.

– The word has been hijacked by our digital and technology folk. But what about customer disruption for example?

– Disruption often just refers to the startup community.

– And conjures up images of widespread, industry changing new technology or brands (e.g. Uber vs Taxi Industry). But what about mini disruptions?

– Perhaps it has also been overused? Is everything disruptive?

Perhaps it’s time to use a different approach.

A different, more optimistic one.



The word suggests taking what has worked in the past, rearranging the pieces and adding something fresh and creating something new.

Think of how Lego has reinvented itself.

Or how Cirque du Soleil has reinvented the circus experience.

Or how Dyson has reinvented every category it has entered e.g. fans.

Using reinvention feels more positive and means that every existing brand or business can have a future.

It also means that you can reinvent yourself.

What do you think?

Is it time to reinvent disruption?

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