Does disruption always have to be big?

Disruption according to Professor Clayton Christensen and others is always a large, earth shattering event.

The most popular examples say Uber is cited as disrupting an entire industry.

But what about smaller disruptions?

To use an analogy, a major earth quake is certainly worth investigating but so are the thousands of minor ones.

Lets call these mini disruptions.

These can be internal to an organisation e.g. Disrupting the customer experience or the new product development process.


These mini disruptions can be external e.g. a significant competitive move or a change in legislation.

Thinking about mini disruptions has a number of advantages:

– These can be the subject of a disruption session e.g. How can we reduce the time taken for our clients to pay their bills?

– Looking for smaller disruptions can open your mind to potentially bigger ones. A small one today might have a huge impact tomorrow.

– It’s a proactive approach to creating disruptive growth and preparing an organisation for future disruptive threats.

As an Innovation Consultant i often ask my clients

What are the mini disruptions that are or might impact your business?

What is a process, procedure or product that you can disrupt and make 100% better? (Hint – Select one each month)

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