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I write to disrupt your thinking. In these blog posts I try and challenge, stretch and inspire new ideas & conversations.

How to use Blitz in your Design Thinking Process

Enhance & Accelerate your Design Thinking Process I am a great fan of Design Thinking. For those that are not familiar with this approach to problem solving or Innovation i will use the definition outlined by The Interaction Design Foundation: 'Design Thinking is a...

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How a group can use Mindmapping

How to generate awesome results & total engagement I am a big fan of Mindmapping. Developed by Tony Buzan it's a quick, easy and visual way to generate ideas, organise material and summarise your notes. It's one of my 'go to' creative thinking tools along with Blitz....

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How to solve a big problem by using a Sprint

Can you imagine solving a big problem in a week? Well if you can then read on. I just finished reading Sprint by Jake Knapp et al.(Batam Press, 2016). It's a quick, easy and practical read. Together the 3 authors have run over 100 Sprints from startups to projects...

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What’s stopping you from being more creative?

It's your inner voice! I have taught thousands of people how to think in a more creative way. Paradoxically I use a different approach which I call Speed Thinking, the tool of which is Blitz. Because I have found that the biggest personal barrier to creativity is in...

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The 3 drivers of higher performance

Think TIE - Time, Imagination and Energy Everyone and every team has 3 key resources. Time, Imagination and energy (TIE). How you use these 3 three resources can determine how you perform. In fact, it may be that the higher performers have found a better way to...

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How to become a more complete thinker

Switch your Thinking! Is anyone a fan of UFC? (Ultimate Fighting Championship) I agree it's not everyone's cup of tea. But there is one aspect of the evolution of UFC fighting that we can all learn from. It's this. In the early years there were fighters who were...

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Want a shorter, faster Meeting? Try Blitzing

It's about time we reinvented meetings! I spend a lot of my time talking to and working with managers and leaders. One of my favourite questions is: What is the most unproductive part of your day? Meetings. In what way? There are too many, they are too long , rarely...

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High Intensity Training for Leaders & their Teams

Is it time Leaders and their teams embraced a similar high intensity workout? It's called HIIT and it stands for High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is one of the top fitness trends in the world. What is it? As explained in a Huffington Post piece: 'HIIT, or...

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Does technology make anything possible?

Is the idea of that's impossible an outdated idea? In a recent article in Wired magazine a quadriplegic lady named Jan Scheurmann controlled a jet fighter using nothing but her thoughts. Science fiction you might say? Well know. You see Jan who was quadriplegic due to...

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“Imagination @Speed is more important than knowledge (with due deference to Mr Einstein).”

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