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I write to disrupt your thinking. In these blog posts I try and challenge, stretch and inspire new ideas & conversations.

The Three Horizons vs 100x Innovation

What is the Three Horizons Framework? In 1999, the book -- The Alchemy of Growth was published. It's authors Mehrdad Baghai, Stephen Coley and David Clark studied a number of high growth organisations and as a result developed The Three Horizons Framework. Since that...

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Here’s an example of a 1x Innovation

Small changes over time - add up I found this corner of a book store I recently visited. In this corner were the best sellers of the store. This is a classic example of a 1x Innovation. It's a small, almost quiet, gentle nudge. The corner of the book store highlights...

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The 3 different types of innovation

1x to 10x to 100x! In the 100x Innovation system there are 3 types of innovation. I call these 1x, 10x and 100x. All 3 are interconnected and form a new, exponential innovation curve. I will discuss each of these in turn. 1x Innovation: These are the small, bite-size...

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What’s the new innovation growth curve?

It's Exponential not Linear! Last Sunday I played soccer and it was a hard-fought game between two evenly matched teams. The scores were 1 all with about 10 minutes to go. Then we scored and before you knew it we had scored 3 more goals and the game finished at 4...

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Announcing 100x Innovation

A new strategic approach to innovation I have researched and worked in the innovation space for the past 20 years. One of the directions I have noticed in the past few years has been the growth of 2 different camps among leaders working in medium to large...

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Should every leader have an innovation goal?

Here are 9 reasons why every leader should have an innovation goal 1. It will focus the energy of every leader 2. It will have a cumulative impact over time 3. The best way to create a more innovative culture is for people to practice innovation. As my Kung Fu teacher...

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How to use Blitz in your Design Thinking Process

Enhance & Accelerate your Design Thinking Process I am a great fan of Design Thinking. For those that are not familiar with this approach to problem solving or Innovation i will use the definition outlined by The Interaction Design Foundation: 'Design Thinking is a...

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How a group can use Mindmapping

How to generate awesome results & total engagement I am a big fan of Mindmapping. Developed by Tony Buzan it's a quick, easy and visual way to generate ideas, organise material and summarise your notes. It's one of my 'go to' creative thinking tools along with Blitz....

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How to solve a big problem by using a Sprint

Can you imagine solving a big problem in a week? Well if you can then read on. I just finished reading Sprint by Jake Knapp et al.(Batam Press, 2016). It's a quick, easy and practical read. Together the 3 authors have run over 100 Sprints from startups to projects...

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“Imagination @Speed is more important than knowledge (with due deference to Mr Einstein).”

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