Here’s the problem

In my experience as an Innovation Consultant I have noticed that medium to large organisations tend to do one thing very well.

They might have been started with a breakthrough idea but after a while the need for efficiency takes over.

Established processes, products and procedures are established and become the norm.

And for a while it works.

A form of business-as-usual mindset takes over.

A step by step, incremental stagnation can take over.

But here is the problem for leaders and SME owners.

We live in a non business-as-usual world.

Whilst the organisation is set up to reinforce the status-quo the world is changing at an ever-increasing rate.

Think about the Internet of Things as just one example of a discontinuous change that is about to hit every industry.

The answer?

Well one answer is to constantly challenge any business-as-usual approach.

Even if it has been successful in the past.

It could be a strategy or planning process or a how recruitment is done or how people are evaluated.

Business-as-usual is not always a good idea.

And in a world where everything is changing, it can turn out to be a very bad one!

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