Let’s start thinking about disrupting as a verb

Here is the problem with disruption.

We talk about it as a noun.

A thing, a startup, a movement or an event.

This is true.

But it’s more than that.

What if we start to talk about it as a verb.


Like marketing, selling, meeting etc.

This means that it becomes an active process.

A process that can be learned and applied to a range of activities.

It also means that it is constant and continuous.

For example, Facebook is disrupting Youtube yet is being disrupted by Snapchat.

The key point is this — Everyone is in the process of disrupting everyone else.

Disruption is not just a once-off event that happens every now and again.

It’s a living, organic process.

Just like in nature, out with those organisms that do not fit with a changing landscape.

Videos are out – Pay TV is in — now Netflix is the dominant species.

Welcome to the new normal — Disrupting.

It’s the new game in town.

And as an innovation consultant I would love yo help you play to win!

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