Small changes over time – add up

I found this corner of a book store I recently visited.

In this corner were the best sellers of the store.

This is a classic example of a 1x Innovation.

It’s a small, almost quiet, gentle nudge.

The corner of the book store highlights the most popular titles.

By doing so it can help the customer decision making process.

If you are confused or overwhelmed about what book to read next the book store has made it easy for you.

Also because the best-sellers list is usually full of the most well-known authors it has made your consumer search journey easier.

The other advantage is for the authors of these books as it promotes their best-selling books.

And of course, it is great for the store as it can lead to more book sales.

It’s a win – win innovation.

In summary:

1x innovation is:

– small

– easy to test

– quick

– can be applied inside the organisation or in this case with the customer experience

– can have a cumulative impact over time

– and in some cases can lead to a 10x innovation impact.

What can you learn, borrow or adapt from this 1x innovation example?

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