1x to 10x to 100x!

In the 100x Innovation system there are 3 types of innovation.

I call these 1x, 10x and 100x.

All 3 are interconnected and form a new, exponential innovation curve.

I will discuss each of these in turn.

1x Innovation:

These are the small, bite-size changes, ideas and solutions.

It could a new product feature or change in packaging or a new way to meet or collaborate in a team.

Remember the 100x System is a combination of both revenue growth and people growth.

Small changes can have a big impact over time.

Or just occasionally a small idea can take off.

A President Trump tweet for example can have far-reaching impact.

The goal with 1x is to play the existing game just a little bit better.

1x innovation is the ideal way to start learning how to innovate and engage more and more groups and teams in the innovation journey.

10x Innovation:

This type of innovation by comparison aims to change the nature of the game.

Dyson for example has changed the game in vacuum cleaners and dryers (see the picture above).

A 10x innovation can emerge from 4 sources:

– by accelerating and investing in a successful 1x innovation

– by reimagining your customer value proposition e.g. Cirque du Soleil

– extending your core strengths into another (often) related market e.g. Apple Watches

– by engaging 10x more people in the organisation in innovation (also setting up a 10x team)

100x Innovation:

100x Innovation are those few transformational changes.

They are often accompanied by the development of a completely new ecosystem e.g Uber or iTunes.

100x Innovation is rare and as the name suggests is about big, disruptive changes.

It occurs at an industry or society level rather than an organisational level.

Although it might emerge internally from a successful 10x innovation.

100x Innovation often starts with a asking big question or emerges from a major consumer trend or a leap in technology.

Think how 3D Printing could change say a sports good brand – in this case every consumer could be a manufacturer?

100x Innovation is about changing the game entirely.

In Summary:

The 100x Innovation system is a way for leaders to manage, resource and plan a portfolio of innovation outcomes for today and tomorrow.

It consists of 3 interrelated types of innovation.

It’s also a way to connect people and revenue growth and the small with very large changes.

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