Is your customer expectation gap getting bigger?

My daughter showed me a new app she has been using called Shazam.

It is quite amazing as the app can recognise any song that is being played on the radio for example.

I loved it.

I started thinking of other applications e.g. a line from a poem or movie or a book passages for example.

Now this post is not a plug for Shazam although I do like it.

Rather it is a note about how new customer (and employee) experiences are fuelling new expectations in a never-ending cycle.

My experience (via my daughter) with Shazam lifted my expectations in other areas.

It gave me a new reference point.

It raised my expectations about what is possible.

And forced me to look at my products and services with new eyes and questions (Why can’t you do this – others can).

The new marching orders for any brand or business is this – Any customer problem, frustration or need can be addressed in new and wonderful ways by using imagination and technology.

Anything and everything now seems possible.

This often creates an expectation gap between what you are currently delivering and what your customers are expecting.

Because customer experiences today are transferable.

No longer do customers only compare one bank with another for example.

They compare experiences across categories and industries.

What new customer experiences are you offering today and tomorrow?

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