Why Speed Wins

Speed is the new black.

It’s becoming the new consumer and customer expectation.

In a time-poor, interrupted world, why do I have to wait?

This emphasis on speed is compounded because of Google for example.

What is the capital of Australia for example?

No problem, I can Google it (Canberra is the answer).

So part of the product or service design has to be how can we make it and deliver it faster?

The consumer experience has to be quick and seamless.

Competing on speed is hard to do but difficult to copy.

It’s the new way for both large and small organisations to compete.

As a leader, you need to be continuously asking yourself How can we accelerate our product, service or consumer experience?

And how can we accelerate our internal processes or meetings or procedures etc.

Competing on speed is here – like it or not.

It’s also why I invented Speed Thinking – to compete on speed you need to think faster.

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