In a fast-moving, time-poor world we need big, new ideas right now.

We often cannot wait for the right time or people or when a meeting room is available.

I have outlined in this post a number of idea generation techniques that you can use.

1. Create some ideas by yourself.

This is an underrated way of generating solutions to problems. It is quick, empowering and you can become better at it the more you practice. But most people still feel more comfortable in developing an idea with a colleague.

2. Try and catch someone in the corridor

This is an informal way of creating and building ideas. These spontaneous, often accidental interactions are the source of much inspiration and innovation. But it is hard to rely on and cannot be planned or directed in anyway. It also assumes that people are interested in working with you.

3. Call a meeting.

This is always an option but we seem to have way too many meetings, with too many people that go on for too long. Besides meetings run all the risks of group-think so it is hard for this group process to be creative. Meetings can be good for many things but not creating new ideas.

4. Run a formal brainstorming session.

A sensible option for people that want to get a range of people together to try and solve a problem in a new and innovative way (although it is not as creative a process as people think). But Brainstorming sessions take time to organise and co-ordinate everyone’s schedules — so this can take weeks.

But what if you need an idea now?

Notice the gap between the informal bumping into someone in the corridor and the more formal meetings and brainstorming sessions?

What is we could develop a process that was informal but had some structure?

That was quick and short yet single-minded?

That was creative yet disciplined?

Introducing Ideas Blitz:

That is what we have tried to develop with our Ideas Blitz — a rapid idea generator tool.

It is a way of embedding creativity, collaboration and speed across every group or team and the entire organisation.

Blitz takes the drive and accountability of the individual and combines it with the collective knowledge and innovative capacity of the group.

It is an idea generation technique that is simple to learn, apply and it is fun to use.

Some of the features of a Blitz include:

– 20 minutes or less

– One challenge per Blitz

– Invite anyone that you think can help

– The Blitz owner still owns the challenge.

– Uses a Blitz tool and our 5 step speed thinking process (i.e. start, enhance, connect, evaluate and action).

– You can blitz by yourself or with others (6 in total).

– This digital version of Blitz will help you to generate, capture, evaluate and enhance your ideas.

– It will also prompt you to develop an action plan on your best ideas.

– You can also share your ideas with others.

The next time you want an idea or solution in a hurry what will you do?

Just Blitz it!

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