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100x Innovation

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100x Innovation

It’s time for a new approach to innovation & growth.

One that combines growth in people with growth in revenue.

One that connects big, disruptive changes with small incremental ones.

I call this creative synthesis – 100x Innovation.

It’s a strategic, port-folio approach that any size organisation can adopt.

The goal with 100x Innovation is to help leaders exponentially grow their business and people.

I can show you how to do this.

100x Innovation Workshops, Courses or Keynotes

I can design and customise any type of 100x workshops, programs or keynotes depending on the number of leaders, budget and time available.

I would love to help you transform a 1x innovation to a 10x and then onto a 100x.

‘The new job of every leader is to unlock the ideas, energy & passion of every team member. 100x Innovation is a way to do this.’



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