External Triggers

I have reinvented my career quiet a few times in my life.

And I suspect I am not finished.

Because we all have to get used to the idea that career reinvention is an ongoing, continuous, lifelong journey.

But why reinvent your career?

Well sometimes you have to because of what I call External Triggers.

For example:

– You may be retrenched or lose your job through some other reason outside your control

– Or you have a health scare

– Or you have recently become separated or divorced

– Or you are starting a family

– Or you want to travel or have a gap year or sabbatical

– Perhaps you have been overlooked for a promotion

– Or you see a business opportunity or gap in the market-place

– Or there has been say a death of a close friend which has forced you to reconsider your career

– Or the birth of a new baby, marriage or other significant life event

Internal Triggers

You also may want to reinvent your career because of what I call internal triggers.

For example:

– You are bored, frustrated or do not enjoy your work any more.

– Or your career lacks meaning or lacks challenge

– Or you have a burning ambition to start your own business

– Or you feel that you are not living out your true potential

– Or you want more flexibility in your life

Don’t ignore these Triggers

The important point of these internal or external triggers is that they should not be ignored.

Why continue a career, role or position that you don’t enjoy unless you absolutely have to?

Life is too short.

You can reinvent your career and life.

It’s not reserved for the special people.

Career reinvention involves effort, imagination and moving out of your comfort zone.

But what is the alternative?

To accept a career that is unfulfilling?

Please don’t.

Listen and act on your internal and external triggers.

Reinvention is a great opportunity to find the joy and meaning in your career that you deserve!

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