We need a new analogy to talk about disruption

I was facilitating a disruption training course yesterday for a group of leaders and i found myself describing disruption in terms of a king hit.

A king hit is when someone comes up from behind and hits another person.

It’s a violent analogy for which I apologise but it’s also instructive.

Disruption like a king-hit is:

– Surprising

– Damaging

– Quick

– Sneaks up on you.

This is in many ways what happens with disruption.

The established players are facing one another (like boxing) and play by a particular set of rules.

But along comes a disruptor who the established players do not see and do not play by the rules or create their own set of news.

I learn Kung Fu for example and if i ever was confronted by a boxer in a dangerous situation would kick them in the groin.

It’s not within their rules but it’s terribly effective.

But this is my point.

Disruptors are interested in creating more effective ecosystems that work better than what exists at the moment.

It can king-hit existing business models.

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