Creative Design Thinking @Speed

I have been a recent convert to Design Thinking.

Yes I know it has been around for a while but I have been really studying this approach and there are many aspects of this way of solving problems that I really like.

Here are some of the Pros:

– The process starts with the customer, client or consumer. The idea is to see the world through the user’s eyes.

– Based on this new understanding you are in a better position to frame or reframe the problem or challenge.

– Another aspect of Design Thinking is (as the name implies) that the process is more visual, emotional and non-linear.

– There is a strong emphasis on prototyping and fast testing which I love.

– There is also a Design Thinking process which (i.e. Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype & Test) which means that it can be learned and replicated.

Here are some of the Cons:

– The heavy emphasis on the customer is worthwhile. But sometimes the customer cannot tell you what they would like. A new concept requires insight and imagination.

– This leads me to another issue with Design Thinking. In the Ideation stage there is a strong emphasis on Brainstorming. Yet this group technique is but one of many different ideation tools.

– Design Thinking tends to be used for big problems but what about the every day ones?

My Approach to Design Thinking:

It is for these reasons that I have developed my own version of Design Thinking.

I call it Creative Design Thinking @Speed.

It’s a mouthful I admit.

But I have tried to make this process faster, more creative and can be used by anyone, at any time.

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