The best business movie of the year is not about business

There is a new movie in town called The Martian which all business owners should see.

It’s not about business.

But it’s a wonderful movie about many of the qualities that make small and medium business owners successful.

I will not give away the plot other than to say that an astronaut (Matt Damon) is left to fend for himself on Mars for a considerable time.

It’s an exciting movie in itself.

But it’s also a story of:

– creative problem-solving
– long-term planning mixed with short term, daily activity
– overcoming adversity and feeling alone
– survival and growth
– being able to think on the spot or what I call Speed Thinking

In my opinion these are all qualities that business owners can relate to in spades.

Running your own business whilst not a life or death affair is a journey of trial and error, learning and growth.

It can be rewarding, frustrating but learning to live with the daily ups and downs can be transforming.

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