Dumb vs Smart Products

I was just reading an article about the Australian Air Force operating in the Middle East.

Every plane was carrying a smart bomb which according to the article could mean that a pilot could drop a bomb from 20,000 feet from some 20 miles away and hit a target the size of a garage for example.

I was amazed.

This is such a far cry from the terrible blanket bombings of the second world war and the loss of civilian life.

Lets be clear I am not advocating or celebrating warfare.

But smart bombs are a useful example of the difference between dumb and smart products.

I could have equally used a dumb phone from yesteryear of a smart phone of today.

My point is this.

Smart is the new benchmark.

All new products or services need to be smart.

What about sweat bands for example?

In a recent workshop in China for example, with the leaders from Adidas I challenged them to design the world’s first smart sweat bands.

Suddenly with this challenge they came up with all sorts of ideas.

What about a sweat band that records your workout or number of steps or how much you are sweating or when you might need a new one?

Suddenly a dumb sweat band can become a smart one.

A sweat band can become part of a complete fitness or health ecosystem.

Now if we can create a smart sweat band for example why not any new product?

Smart new products are the new customer and consumer expectation.

Producing dumb products is well … dumb!

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