I recently asked a HR manager of a major retailer who have been using the Ideas Blitz tool (and app) for some time now when they were using it and what were the benefits.

Ideas Blitz is a simple, practical, fast creative thinking tool that can be used by an individual or group. It’s the tool of Speed Thinking.

His replies are below:

We use Ideas Blitz when:

– A problem arises and you want to quickly generate possible solutions.

– You want to energise your team to generate some new ideas to improve systems/procedures/processes

– You want to think creatively about a new venture or product

– As a team building activity to start your daily/weekly meeting


The key benefits or rewards of using Ideas Blitz are:

– Blitzing helps you create a ‘can do’ approach to tackling problems

– With regular Blitzing you and/or your team can simplify and find new & easier ways of working

– Keep Blitzing and you could create a top selling new product

– A regular Blitz can keep your team energised and it’s fun




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