Ideas Blitz is your own creativity guide we have developed that you can use everyday.

Use it any time you you feel stuck.

Or when you need to solve a client or customer problem.

Or before a brainstorming session — ask everyone to Blitz 9 ideas then bring them to the session.

Or when you need to start structuring a presentation, essay or assignment.

Or when you need a new set of ideas — it could be any business or personal issue.

Or if you want to prepare yourself before an important meeting or presentation.

Or if your group or team needs a new burst of creative energy.

Or if you are procrastinating or suffering analysis-paralysis.

Or if you feel ‘stuck’ in a brainstorming session.

Or if your group or team wants to re-energize a new product development process.

Or if you are in a meeting and a problem or issue emerges and rather than calling another meeting you simply Blitz it.

You can run an Ideas Blitz whenever you wish. 

All your ideas will be captured, saved and you can re-edit as you wish.

Creativity is a skill.

The more you use your creative muscle the stronger it will become.

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