Creativity is a skill.

To be sure, some are better equipped than others but everyone has this innate ability.

If you accepts this proposition then it begs the question how can i become more creative?

For me the answer is like any other skill — by practicing.

For example:

– Try to do something creative every day — it could be small it doesn’t matter.

– Write a blog or tweet something creative.

– Talk to a stranger — starting and maintaining a conversation is a creative activity.

– In your next meeting try and imagine what the other person might say. Adopting another perspective is the essence of creativity.

– Ask yourself an interesting question — one which engages or challenges you e.g. what is holding me back?

– Capture all your ideas. You can never be sure that elusive idea will reappear unless you capture it somehow.

The aim with all these types of activities is to simply practice being creative.


The lesson from most creative people is that they simply spend more time being creative.

Not only does practice lead to improved performance but it build confidence, momentum and energy.

It also builds your creative muscle and a positive, powerful creative habit.

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