It’s your inner voice!

I have taught thousands of people how to think in a more creative way.

Paradoxically I use a different approach which I call Speed Thinking, the tool of which is Blitz.

Because I have found that the biggest personal barrier to creativity is in fact – ourselves.

Each one of us has an internal voice which (as we age) often reminds us of everything that might go wrong.

It haunts us with what if the idea fails or does not work or what will others say or what will my boss think?

And this voice also says over and over – I am not creative!

My insight is that the best way to overcome our critical voice is to think fast.

Very fast!

So fast in fact that you have no time to listen to your internal voice.

The voice is there but you sprint past it.

I do this by encouraging people to generate 9 ideas in 2 minutes in a start phase to any Blitz.

After 2 minutes, most people are amazed at what they have produced.

They are amazed at their own creativity.

Now that the raw, original ideas have emerged then the individual, group or team can play with these.

They can enhance or make new connections or discard.

Creativity is hard enough without stifling your own creative juices.

You have to allow your initial ideas to emerge then add some input and you never know you might generate the next breakthrough idea or solution.

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