Disrupt the customer experience not the industry

Everyone wants to disrupt everything.

Or so it seems.

Uber has disrupted the taxi industry, Amazon the book industry etc etc.

But here is the problem.

I don’t think these companies originally set out to disrupt their industry.

I believe that they set out to disrupt the customer experience.

By doing so they created such positive feedback, momentum and loyalty they disrupted the entire industry.

In other-words the goal of disruption should be to disrupt the consumer experience.

To make it at least 100% better than what exists.

As a facilitator I love this idea because it puts the consumer, customer or user experience at the centre of your disruption ecosystem.

This in contrast to worrying about the industry or the competition.

The other reason is that trying to compete with a 100% better consumer experience is exceedingly difficult (just ask the taxi industry).

So here is the most important point;

Once you have experienced a better, simpler, faster consumer experience it is extremely difficult to go back to how it was.

If you have ever flown business of first class then you have to fly economy you know what I mean.

Once you have experienced something it can never go away.

Amazing experiences stretch the imagination of consumers.

They start to question why it cannot be like this all the time?

Consumers become more impatient with the status-quo.

Their expectations have been raised by the new entrant.

They have been disrupted forever.

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