An Ideas Blitz and a meeting are two different tools that are suited for different purposes, much like a hammer and a spade are used for a specific requirement.

Together they form a more complete tool kit.

But here are the differences between Blitzing and Meetings:

A Blitz is 20 minutes or less; a meeting usually 1 hour.

A Blitz is 6 people or less; a meeting can be anything up to 30 people.

A Blitz has a single focus or challenge; a meeting has a multiple agenda.

A Blitz can be called by anyone, at any time on any issue; a meeting is usually called by a senior person.

A Blitz relies on an established group and volunteers; a meeting tends to be with an established team.

A Blitz Leader retains full responsibility; a meeting everyone seems to be accountable (but as a result no-none is).

A Blitz works from the individual up; a meeting works from the top down.

A Blitz can be held anywhere; a meeting in formal meeting rooms.

A Blitz operates at the edge of chaos; a meeting follows a formal structure.

A Blitz does not replace a meeting but complements it.

If your group or team needs to solve a problem quickly or generate an idea or make a decision than a Blitz is an ideal choice.

It can lead to more productivity, innovation and engagement.

An Idea Blitz gives you more choice and leads to better, faster results.

If you like the sound of a Blitz try our new Blitz Digital Tool.

Happy Blitzing.

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