The 100x Innovation Starting Point

In the 100x Innovation System, innovation is defined as:

Anything, new or different that potentially creates value.

It can be a 1x change, idea or solution (e.g. a walking meeting) right up to a 10x game-changing product or a 100x industry transformation.

To use an analogy:

– 1x Innovation might be painting a room in your house

– 10x Innovation is a say a new kitchen or bathroom

– 100x Innovation is total knockdown and rebuilding a new house

The important point is that it is anything new or different.

It could be an external change to the customer experience or an internal improvement in a process.

It’s anything.

As long as it’s new or different.

And as illustrated the new or different can be small or large.

The other aspect of the definition is that it could potentially adds value.

Most innovations actually don’t work out.

Hence the emphasis on potential.

Even when say a new product fails it still can be potentially valuable in terms of learning.

Anything, new or different that potentially creates value.

Using this definition means that innovation can be:

– used by any size organisation

– used by any group or team

– may or may not involve technology changes

– can apply both inside and outside an organisation.

And lastly can apply to a 1x, 10x or a 100x change.

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