What is core?

It’s one of the key questions for leaders and business owners.

What can you reinvent?

The answer lies in asking a different question to start with.

What is core?

What is core to your brand, organisation, product or process (or career)?

The core is the essential elements of your business for example that cannot change.

The paradox is that the stronger the core, the more opportunities you have to reinvent.

Much like in exercise, a strong core means that you have more stability, strength and are less prone to hurting yourself whilst training.

These can be hard and soft.

The hard elements might include:

– Company name although even this is not set in stone e.g. sub-brand?

– Assets e.g. building, land

– Distribution outlets e.g. number, type, location

– Number of customers

– Data Base

– Patents etc

The soft elements of your core might include:

– Customer loyalty

– Employee engagement

– Employees skills, passion & creativity

– Brand positioning, trust & heritage

The important point is this.

Once the leaders or business owners have identified the core elements of their organisation then everything else can be reinvented.

This model of core vs non core (or re-inventing space) is a contentious and dynamic one.

When I work with leaders it’s the conversations that it sparks that often creates the most value.

So if you are planning to reinvent your product, brand or business start with the question:

What is core?

Once you have established this then everything else is up for grabs and potentially can be reinvented to maintain or create new growth.

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