20-20 Cricket has reinvented the game of cricket

For those that are not familiar, 20 – 20 cricket is a shortened form of the game that has proved massively popular with fans, television ratings and attracted new people to the game.

It’s fast, energising and very exciting.

Each team has 20 overs (i.e. 6 balls an over) to get as many runs as they can.

Add in coloured clothing, daring captaincy and innovative shot-making and you have an ideal game for the time-poor, highly distracted viewer or spectator.

What I love is that there is always a result.

There are no well-played draws over 5 days which can happen with test cricket.

Now why not apply this type of disruptive thinking to football or soccer?

What about 20 – 20 football?

Here are some suggestions as to the new rules:

– Each half is 20 minutes.

– There is no break at half-time.

– A goal is worth 5 points

– A corner is worth one point and the ball is played from where it went out (again so there is no delay in waiting for a corner to be taken).

– Shots on goal are worth 1 point as well

– There are no throw-ins — the player just puts the ball down and starts again.

– Unlimited substitutions

– There can be mixed teams (i.e. males and females)

– Players can come on and off at will in a moments notice so there will be no time delays in substitution

– There will be no breaks for player injuries unless it is serious (this stops the endless rolling around of the players when they have been touched by a feather)

– There is a penalty shoot-out at the end of the game in case of a draw (3 penalties each, then single ones until there is a result)

– Some of the players e.g. the goalkeeper can have a microphone to explain what is happening (or perhaps the captain of each team).

Disruptive Thinking in action:

Twenty 20 football may or may not be a great idea.

But it does demonstrate the idea that a successful game could be designed in a way to make it even better.

It also highlights the practice of transforming a successful idea from one area to another.

Twenty 20 football or soccer can co-exist with the more traditional game.

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