Is it time to reinvent your brand, business or career?

If it is, then here is how to start.

Start with Why.

in this case I am borrowing Simon Sinek’s 3 tier model and applying it reinvention.

At the centre of his circle is:

– Why?

– How?

– What?

In this case if you are a leader or SME owner and want to reinvent your brand or business you must answer the question Why?

Why do you want to reinvent …?

What is your why reinvent story?

It should outline:

Why is this necessary now?

This can be a difficult conversation with others particularly if what you are doing today is working.

Let’s take Mcdonald’s for example.

For a company that has been around for over 60 years it has had to reinvent itself many times.

Think of indoor seating, drive-thru menu’s, breakfast and McCafes as examples of innovation and reinvention.

But with changing consumer tastes and increased competition McDonald’s has had to reinvent itself again.

But to engage its staff, franchisees and the market the McDonald’s President and CEO Steve Easterbroo; last year had to outline some home truths in a video which apparently went to all managers.

He said,

“The reality is, our recent performance has been poor. The numbers don’t lie. Which is why, as we celebrate 60 years of McDonald’s, I will not shy away from resetting this business.”

In short, he has just outlined his Why Reinvent Story.

McDonald’s Easterbrook said had to become a “modern progressive burger company.”

In the video he highlights the need to rethink how it (McDonald’s managers) makes decisions and responds to consumers and to be prepared to let go of legacy commitments and attitudes.

Without a compelling and urgent Why, people will not make the changes that are necessary and will not engage in a journey of reinvention.

And as of the 4th Quarter 2015, McDonald’s same store sales had increased by 5.7%, the best results in 15 quarters as a results of all day breakfast and simpler meunus for example.

The key message?

Any journey of reinvention of a brand, business or career has to start somewhere.

And that place I believe is to outline Why!

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