Many people want to become more creative.

Many leaders would also like their organisation to become more innovative.

I too would also like to be fitter and stronger yet i know that without regular exercise, watching my diet etc then this will never happen.

It is the same with creativity and innovation.

It will never happen unless you work at it — everyday.

Not irregular once a week or once a month brainstorming sessions but every day.

Imagine going to the gym once a month for a vigorous workout and hoping to build a well toned body.

Creativity is like a muscle and the more we exercise the better it becomes.

And i have found — the more we trust it.

So how do you practice creativity everyday?

Learn how to Blitz.

This is a simple, practical face-to-face or online system we have developed to help individuals, groups and teams to become more creative.

You set yourself a challenge (i.e. a problem, opportunity, issue, barrier) and then start Blitzing.

You start creating by just doing that — starting.

You try and create 9 ideas in 2 minutes.

This magic formula stops you from filtering or judging your ideas.

You just create.

Then you enhance these ideas, look for new connections, evaluate then if you wish build an action plan.

All done in minutes.

Blitz online saves and captures the results so you can revisit these at any time.

The benefits:

– You will have solved a problem or got started on a project in minutes!

– You will have practiced and strengthened your own creative muscle.

– It will be fun, energising and you will feel good.

It will give you a boost everyday.



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