In a world that demands ‘more (e.g. sales, growth, revenue, engagement etc) with less (e.g. budget, people, time & energy)’ there is never a right time to perform at your best.

Every individual and group must be able to deliver higher performance, day in and day out.

You challenge is to perform at your and the group’s best when you need it the most.

This means right now.

Not when you feel that you have more time or people or budget or more energy.

You have to perform with the resources you have right now.

You cannot complain about what you think you should have or are entitled to or had before.

Whatever resources are at hand at this very moment are more than enough.

In a time-poor world you cannot wait for the ideal time.

You cannot, unlike an athlete for example, taper your performance for some big event.

If you have a problem you have to fix it right now! Your customers expect it.

If you are asked a question in a meeting you need to answer it right now. Your boss and colleagues expect it.

Welcome to the world of performing at your best right now.

No excuses, no ‘if’s or buts’.

Being able to perform at your best — right now, is the secret of being able to do more with less.

We need new tools to help in these time-pressure situations.

That is why we are so excited about our new Ideas Blitz tool.

You only need one other person, a few minutes and you can start soling a problem or generating ideas right now!

You still need to think slowly and deeply when the situation demands it but like the improv show ‘Who’s line is it anyway?’ sometimes you just have to trust yourself and go for it – right now!


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