Want to boost your creativity immediately?

Here is the one action that creative people do more than others.

It’s so simple.

Creative people are better at capturing or recording their ideas.

That’s it!

But if you think about it this behaviour makes perfect sense.

Capturing or recording your ideas in a file has a number of benefits:

It means that you never lose an idea. 

We have all had that frustrating experience where we have a great idea but then forget it — never to be remembered.

This is why creative people sleep with an ideas pad next to their bed.

It frees up your mind

Trying to retain an idea means that you are using up precious creative energy that you could otherwise use to create new ideas.

You can solve other problems in the future

When we create a range of ideas many of these may not work. But if these are captured in a file for example they can be looked at again and again when a new problem comes up.

This file can a rich source of inspiration and will ensure you never get stuck for an idea.

– You can share your idea file with others

Capturing or recording your ideas in a file means that you can share it with others.

Find a kindred spirit and share or swap your idea files.

Both of you can benefit from this new, diverse source of inspiration.

– It’s simple

The biggest benefit of all is that capturing your ideas is so simple.

These are your precious ideas so they deserve to be recorded and played with again and again.

So start now!

By building an ideas file you ready and prepared for when your next idea comes along.

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