Switch your perspective

We all look at situations differently.

This is because your perspective is informed by your thinking patterns.

Your patterns are influenced by your experiences, values, attitudes and beliefs.

This is why for example you tend to see only the information that confirms or reinforces an existing belief.

But this insight provides a way for leaders and their teams to think more creatively.

One of the simplest and easiest way to enhance your creative thinking ability is to switch your perspective.

By doing so you do not get stuck on one solution but you open yourself up to a more diverse range of possibilities.

For example:

When faced with a problem or opportunity ask yourself:

– What is my view of this situation?

– What is my team’s view?

– What is the consumer, customer, client or user’s perspective?

– What about our partners or suppliers – what might their perspective be?

– How will my competitors perceive this situation?

– Or how would a startup look at this same problem or opportunity?

In fact, even asking yourself is this a problem or an opportunity is a switch of perspective.

Implications for Leaders:

The great news for leaders and their teams is that switching perspective is easy and simple to do.

It also has an immediate impact.

I call this Switch Thinking.

You can switch your perspective – on demand.

Here is my perspective …


Here is how the finance leaders are viewing this challenge …

Switch (repeat again).

Switching your perspective is a skill that can be developed through openness, practice and feedback.

It also explains why having a diverse team is such an effective strategy for creative thinking, change and growth.

Having a diverse team means that there is not group think nor does the team get fixed on the one best and only way to solve a problem.

Being able to switch your perspective is the easiest way to enhance the creative thinking ability, performance and results of yourself and your team.

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