Speed Thinking is based on an insight

I noticed that when I was working with managers and leaders and they had say an hour to solve a problem or generate an idea not much happened for the first 50 minutes or so.

In fact, not much happened until I poked my head into a breakout room and announced:

Hi guys – there is 10 minutes to go!

With that there was a surge in activity and energy.

Amazingly in a few short minutes, all the groups generated powerful ideas and solutions.

Using this insight, I developed a new approach which I called Speed Thinking.

The reason that Speed Thinking is such a powerful approach is that it stops you procrastinating and listening to your (often) critical internal voice.

What if i am wrong for example can silence your most original, raw ideas.

Hence saying to people – right let’s go and try and generate 9 ideas in 2 minutes can unlock often rich, breakthrough ideas.

People are often amazed at their own creativity.

The tool of which I called Ideas Blitz

Ideas Blitz consists of a 5 step process and a new 9 bubbles visual template.

I then a wrote a book about Speed Thinking (published by Allen & Unwin, 2010).

I have taught this tool to thousands of people, all over the world from students to leaders.

Speed Thinking is energetic, creative and can boost productivity.

In a world which is asking everyone to do more with less we need new tools rather than relying on meetings and brainstorming.

Ideas Blitz is one such tool.

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