Here are my 6 Blue-Sky Predictions

1. Creative Thinking will become a core subject taught from primary school upwards

Creative Thinking will become an essential life skill like reading, maths or chairing a meeting for example.

It will be used throughout your life to create new businesses or change careers or solve client problems or to maintain your health or retire on your terms.

There will be a Global Creative Thinking School for example with online courses that anyone from around the world can access.

2. Every manager and leader will have a Creative Thinking goal

Creative Thinking drives innovation, change and growth.

It’s too important to be left to a select few.

Everyone will be expected to contribute their ideas, energy and passion to creating new ways of working and adding value.

Leadership Development programs will be built around Creative Intelligence not just Rational and Emotional Intelligence.

Every organisation will outline to their investors their yearly financial as well as their Creative Thinking Results as this will be one of the most important leading indicators of future performance.

3. We will rank nations on their Creative Thinking capability and output.

It will become a national priority.

Nations like Singapore for example have shown the way that with limited natural resources they are still able to compete on the basis on their collective imagination.

4. We will learn how to use AI to enhance our Creative Thinking

At the moment AI cannot think creatively.

But it is only a matter of time before this changes.

The challenge will be to harness the imagination of humans with the evolving, exponential growth of AI.

5. There will be a local and international market-place for ideas

Just like eBay for example there will be a safe space where ideas can be traded, exchanged, bought and sold.

Ideas will become as valuable as other resources like people and time.

And like Uber for example you will be able to score the trustworthiness of Idea Generators, Enhancers and Collaborators and Buyers.

6. There will be new, full-time Creative Thinking Roles and Careers

For example:
Creative Thinking Life Coaches,
Creative Thinking Mentors
Creative Thinking Teachers
Idea Bouncers (i.e. people who are skilled as listening to and playing with new ideas with others).

It’s an exciting future.

It’s a future we can create if only we all learn how to think more creatively.

(This beautiful image was taken by Michelle Arden – Eastern Suburbs, Sydney).

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