The 100% better customer experience

You can hope that you won’t be disrupted.

Or you can ignore it (good luck).

Or lobby for more regulation (e.g. taxi industry).

Or you can face reality.

Disruption is coming to your brand, business or industry soon.

And when it arrives it comes very fast.

But there is really only one way to prevent being disrupted.

And even then there is no guarantee.

It’s this (drum roll):

Try and develop a 100% better customer experience!

That’s it.

– Try and make it 100%:

– faster

– simpler

– easier

– more engaging

– less risk

– more exciting

The simple challenge of designing something 100% better is a disruptive type question.

It’s gets you back to the only thing that matters which is the customer experience.

Trying to develop a 100% better experience also means that you need to harness your imagination and a digital solution in a way that addresses a customer frustration or pain point in a breakthrough way.

Its a big challenge.

But the journey itself might just grow your business and protect you from being disrupted.

You might even disrupt others.

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