What’s the next letter in this pattern?

It’s of course the letter ‘E’ according to the alphabet we are all familiar with.

The Alphabet is a pattern.

Our brain likes to think in patterns because it’s more efficient.

Now let’s imagine an organisation or industry also operates in patterns.

A,B,C,D, ……….?

A are the assumptions

B is the business model

C is the customer experience

D is the digital solution

Now you would never get to the letter ‘U’ for example using our usual patterns of thinking.

Now imagine you are the Taxi industry.

You have a pattern of thinking or ingrained assumptions, business model and consumer experience that works for you.

But along comes Uber (i.e. the letter U).

They disrupted the usual pattern.

It’s why established business leaders fear disruptors.

Enter the ABCD of disruption:

What is the ABCD of your industry, market or category?

Do these need to be reinvented?

Are you in danger of someone coming in and disrupting the usual patterns?

Can you see the next Uber coming?

If you cannot answer these questions — I can help.

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