The Leadership Thinking success formula

In the Marketing and Innovation space there is a 70, 20, 10 formula:

– 70% of your innovation efforts should be on your current business, products and markets

– 20% on adjacent or near-by markets or related products (e.g. think of banking moving into insurance) and

– 10% on risky, game changing new products

There is a similar formula in learning & development.

– 70% of your learning should be on the job

– 20% on special projects with coaching or mentor feedback and

– 10% in class learning (more theory based).

Perhaps the same formula for success should apply to leadership thinking?

– 70% of your time thinking about today’s challenges

– 20% thinking about tomorrow’s issues and

– 10% thinking about the day after tomorrow.

Keeping this loose framework in mind will help build your leadership thinking skills and improve your ROT.

Return on Thinking.

Remember your thinking and people skills are your most important leadership assets – they need to be continuously enhanced.

How are you spending or investing your leadership thinking time?

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