The Change for Good Program

Anyone that has travelled with Qantas would have noticed or (hopefully) contributed to their Change for Good program.

This is a joint initiative between Qantas and UNICEF whereby passengers donate any spare change or dollars in an envelope on each seat on the plane.

To-date the program results have been amazing.

– 23 years and still going strong.

– The amount of money raised is a staggering $28 million dollars.

As Anthony Lake, Executive Director from UNICEF notes;

“The program was born from a simple, innovative idea and has grown into real change in the lives of children in some of the poorest corners of the world.

The efforts of Qantas, especially the crew members who spread the message every day on every flight, have led not only to funds but to more champions for children everywhere as the partnership expands and more and more children benefit.”

Some questions for Qantas on the program

I also contacted Qantas and asked their spokesperson Laura Berry, Head of Arts, Community and Ambassadors, a number of questions about the program:

How did the idea come about?

The ‘Power of Five’ campaign is part of the broader ‘Change for Good’ program – a joint initiative between Qantas and UNICEF Australia that has been operating for 23 years.

This campaign is focused on increasing the awareness amongst Qantas domestic travellers that just five cents can make a world of difference to children around the world.

What makes the program successful in your opinion?

There are several factors that have made this program so successful.
The engagement of our cabin crew in helping to highlight the value of five cents to those in need, the simplicity of the campaign messaging, and our customers generosity in supporting this worthy cause each time they fly with Qantas.

How do the staff feel about the program? UNICEF?

Qantas teams both on the ground and onboard our aircraft are very supportive of the ‘Change For Good’ program and our partners UNICEF.

Some employees volunteer their spare time to help sort and count the money raised through the program.

Could this small steps or wins approach be used by other organisations? If so why?

In fact, many of our oneworld partners now offer the ‘Change For Good’ program on their flights.

Could this approach be used by other areas of Qantas?

As part of the Qantas Group Jetstar run a similar program called StarKids.

This is a joint initiative with World Vision that encourages Jetstar customers to donate their small change to help improve the lives of some of the world’s poorest children in Jetstar’s destinations.

The initiative recently celebrated its seventh year.

What are the key lessons for other organisations of this type of approach?

Qantas has a very strong partnership with UNICEF.

By working together we’ve been able to make this initiative grow and evolve to raise over $28 million for UNICEF’s global child health, child protection and education programs.

Small wins innovation — What can we learn from this case study?

– Small wins can have a big impact.

As Allan Joyce the Qantas CEO says about the program — “……we are in a position to turn small change into big benefits for children.”

– It’s simple.
The idea itself and the way it has been communicated and embraced by passengers and staff is the essence of innovation at its best.

– The program is continuous (i.e. everyday, every flight), cumulative and has a positive impact on culture.

– It engages staff and customers

– The program solves a real customer problem — what do I do with this spare change?

It’s new and different (i.e. it’s innovative)

– Requires a change in behaviour — rather than talk about innovation people are actually doing it.

– And lastly the program is measurable.

In Summary

Innovation to succeed does not have to be big and disruptive.

Sometimes the best, most effective programs a born of a simple solution to a customer, client or user problem.

It takes a few engaged and passionate people to make it happen and some consistency of effort and pure magic can happen.

Small wins innovation at its very best!

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