Here are 9 reasons why every leader should have an innovation goal

1. It will focus the energy of every leader

2. It will have a cumulative impact over time

3. The best way to create a more innovative culture is for people to practice innovation. As my Kung Fu teacher says – you want to become better at Kung Fu? then do more Kung Fu!

4. Leaders will be more likely to role-model innovative behaviour

5. It will encourage innovative behaviour among their groups and teams

6. Leaders will become more open to new ideas, solutions and approaches if they are doing innovation themselves.

7. It creates a tangible innovation metric for every leader.

8. Innovation can be applied to every activity which means that every leader, group and team can contribute their ideas, energy and passion.

9. It might be the single best way to build a new skill is to practice it. Having an innovation KPI will encourage leaders to practice and improve their innovative thinking ability.

In summary:

Why limit innovation to only a few leaders?

It’s too important to be left to the innovation department.

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