Athletes have mental coaches why not leaders?

Who would want to be a leader today?

They have to build teams and businesses with more and more information, competition, change, customer and shareholder expectations whilst at the same time using less and less resources.

And all this is happening at lightning speed.

Talk about pressure.

In my experience, leaders cannot work harder or longer.

Yet they have to somehow be more engaging, innovative and productive.

How to do this you might ask?

What a great question.

Again my experience is that many leaders are simply exhausted by trying to square this particular circle.

But perhaps this is the point.

A business-as-usual approach will not be enough any more.

Leaders have to become better, faster thinkers.

Because in a time-poor, fast-changing world where information is available in abundance – it will be the leaders who can make sense of all this data who will win.

Leaders simply have to become better decision makers, problem-solvers and idea generators.

But how to do this?

Well is it time that leaders employed Thinking Coaches?

A person (or persons?) who can help improve the quality of their thinking.

Not process thinking because that will be increasingly done by machines but generative thinking.

This is a type of thinking that generates new ideas, new value and new directions.

After all, athletes and golfers for example use Sports Psychologists, so why not leaders?

Why not a Leadership Thinking Coach?

Or a Leadership Generative Thinking Coach?

Notice I am not suggesting a Critical Thinking coach because in my experience, leaders are already very good at this.

What do you say?

Is it time we took leaders into the next stage of their development by using a thinking coach?

Love your thoughts?

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