It’s all in their name

A — Awesome — Apple aspire to make awesome new products.

As Steve Jobs famously said — we are here to make a dent in the universe.

P — Personality — Every new product is an extension of and reflects the Apple brand personality — cool, beautiful and simple.

P — Performance — Let’s not forget that Apple products perform at an amazing level (with a few problems along the way). They want to set benchmarks that others follow and admire not the reverse.

L — Leverage — One of the great strengths of the Apple brand and business is their eco-system of employees, suppliers, partners and promoters. Also their products all fit together in a powerful software eco-system that they leverage better than any other business.

E — Experience — When it is all said and done their never forget the customer experience. Intuitive design drives their innovation and the ultimate customer experience.

There it is — The Apple Secret:

Awesome — Personality — Performance — Leverage — Experience!

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