A simple, powerful idea generation tool.

The Power of 3 is one of Ken’s most powerful and widely used idea generation tools.

It can help you and your team to generate more original ideas quickly.

The Power of 3 tool is easy to learn, use and can be used in many different situations.


You can also use the Power of 3 to evaluate & sell your ideas.

A PR company that used this tool has credited winning all their new business pitched to this tool.

The Power of 3 has given them a big advantage over their competitors.

Watch this creativity video and find out why.

This is just one of Ken’s creativity videos series.

What a Dr Ken Hudson trained facilitator said about the Power of 3 recently.

Just ran a power of 3 session and it was cool.

It helped us get over the issue that we have tried to solve this problem before with no success.

It has really lifted the mood and enabled us to quickly shift the thinking on some of the success barriers.

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