A meeting you will love to attend

My cousin works for a major television station.

I was chatting to her the other day and she mentioned that she had to run to attend a 10.00am daily meeting to discuss the night’s program.

She told me that this short, sharp session was invaluable to get everyone aligned and to ensure there were no last minute problems.

But she also mentioned another process they do.

The monday morning new ideas meeting.

Every monday, each team member has to come along with one fresh story idea for the next weeks program (not from the weekend’s papers).

I love this.

Imagine if every manager or leader did this throughout an organisation.

Each monday, everyone has to bring along a small idea to help the team, or a customer or the business.

The benefits:

– It builds an expectation of creativity.

– The team talks about new ideas or solutions — regularly.

– Everyone has a chance to express their ideas.

– The process is simple, practical and every team or group can pilot it immediately.

It is worth a try.

Why don’t you give it a go for a month and let me know what happens.

Happy innovating.


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